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Experience and Dedication in Construction This is Metro Walls

Metro Walls is a leading construction company committed to transforming spaces and enriching lives. With a focus on excellence, quality, and people-centric values, we deliver remarkable projects that inspire communities and shape the future of construction. Join us on this journey
as we build spaces that define the present and create a brighter tomorrow.

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Employee Owned


Established Year

Top 50

Contractor in the Nation


Providing Construction Excellence Since 2005

Since its inception, Metro Walls has provided quality craftsmanship and customer service for projects big and small. With over 250 employees across four offices, Metro Walls now offers framing, drywall and acoustical services to the largest, leading contractors across the Northeast. 

Metro Walls Established

Derived from the established Exterior Designs, Metro Walls was founded by Mike Dion and Kerry McCoole in 2005 as the premier drywall solution for Southern New England.

Maine Office Opens

Expanding to Southern Maine, Metro Walls established a presence and quickly became a leader in the space.

ACT Division Opens

Now adding more specialized services to their company, Metro Walls established an ACT division offering acoustical solutions to customers.

South Shore Office Opens

New office in Massachusetts opens, Metro Walls identifies opportunity to expand its team to another growing market.

100% Employee Owned

Metro Walls becomes 100% employee-owned.

Metro Headquarters Relocates

To help service our ever-growing team, Metro Walls relocates to a new headquarters in the heart of Southern, New Hampshire.

New York Office Opens

Metro establishes a new team to handle the exciting new demand to service New York based construction partners.


VP of Construction  |  PROCON

As a contractor who has worked with Metro Walls on multiple projects over the years, I cannot speak highly enough about their professionalism, quality of work, and dedication to exceeding expectations. Their foremen are a testament to their effective communication, are extremely knowledgeable, and go above and beyond to meet the required deadlines. We have been extremely pleased with the work of their entire project team and look forward to working with them on future projects. 

Striving towards
construction excellence

Metro Walls was established in 2004 and has grown to one of the leading drywall, framing & acoustical companies in New England in the last two decades. With more than 600 employees, the company proudly provides outstanding work to some of the region’s biggest and best construction companies.

Metro Walls boasts an impressive work force supported by highly-trained, dedicated drywall employees, experienced and highly efficient project managers and estimators, supported by a senior management team that takes extreme pride in outstanding customer service.


Leadership Team

Ledership Team

Committed to Community

Metro Walls upholds the core value of contributing to and assisting local communities. Our commitment extends beyond the projects we undertake; we actively engage in volunteer efforts and provide financial support to foster the growth of robust communities. We firmly believe that the collaboration between private sector entities, such as Metro Walls, plays a pivotal role in fortifying and nurturing vibrant communities.

We take immense pride in backing non-profit organizations dedicated to enhancing the well-being of individuals and families. Here are some of the initiatives we are honored to support:

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