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Enhance Your Spaces with Our Full Range of Acoustical Solutions

Discover our diverse acoustical solutions to transform your spaces, blending aesthetics with exceptional sound quality.

At Our Core

With the addition of our Acoustical Division, we’re able to offer quality installations of Acoustical Ceilings, Wood Ceilings, Tectum, Acoustical Wall Panels, and much more to our customers. We are excited to offer these additional services to our customers. By offering quality installation and customer service in a wide variety of Acoustical products, we feel we can add significant value to any project. These items really complement our other framing and drywall offerings, and help move us toward a one stop shop.

Comprehensive Acoustical Solutions

Our Acoustical Team specializes in transforming commercial and residential spaces, making your vision a reality. From soundproofing to stylish design, our team tailors solutions to your unique needs, ensuring your space is both visually stunning and acoustically optimized.

Learn more about our General Manager, Jim Medaglia, who oversees the ACT Division.

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Jim Medaglia

General Manager

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Project Spotlight - Acoustical Division

Ever Expanding

Aceto Acoustics, Inc.

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Aceto Acoustics, acquired by Metro Walls in 2023, offers customers throughout Maine acoustical solutions with a focus on exceptional customer service, quality, and safety.

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