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Precision Installations
Unmatched Service

New England's Trusted Partner for Metal Stud, Drywall, and Acoustical Ceiling Installations

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We build everything you need, choose an individual approach

Metal Stud Framing

Delivering precise and efficient metal stud framing solutions for diverse construction projects.

CFMF Metal Trusses and Wall Panels

Innovative cold-formed metal trusses & wall panels for load bearing structural framing.

Drywall Installation and Finishing

Expertly installing and finishing drywall for seamless, polished construction project surfaces.

Creating quiet and aesthetically pleasing spaces with expert acoustical ceilings.

Doors, Frames, and Hardware

Comprehensive solutions for secure entry points, doors, frames, and hardware.

FRP Wall Panels

Providing durable, cost effective, and easy to maintain solutions for moisture and bacteria prone spaces.


Project Manager  |  DEW Construction

DEW has worked with Metro Walls on numerous projects, but The Marek Project was my first experience working with them.  It was a great experience from the beginning.  From the bidding process to change orders, Metro Walls was always fair.  Metro did everything they needed to meet schedule and turnover a quality product. I'm looking forward to the next project with them!

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